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Unicount offers a virtual office in Estonia to existing companies

Adam Rang
Adam Rang, Communications Director at Unicount

Need a company address and contact person in Estonia for your registered company? Unicount now lets e-residents subscribe online to our virtual office serve in Estonia.

We like to keep things simple here at Unicount, including by working remotely as much as possible. That’s also more important than ever in the age of social distancing.

Yet all Estonian companies still need a registered office address in Estonia. And if you are living outside Estonia, like most e-residents, you’ll also need a licensed contact person for your company at that address. Together, this is usually called a virtual office.

Having a registered office in Estonia might seem like a strange requirement for a country that prides itself on doing everything online, but there’s a good reason for it.

A real physical address here in Estonia is mandatory not just in Estonian legislation, but also by the international legal framework for legal entities. Estonia could not have jurisdiction over your company without it and couldn’t guarantee its companies can be trusted without this level of accountability – especially if the owners and directors are not in the country. If the company board resides outside Estonia then a licensed service provider such as Unicount must be used for this service as it includes an additional responsibility to verify each company and its beneficial owners.

If you register an Estonian company through Unicount then the address and contact person is therefore mandatory if you reside outside Estonia.

You can subscribe to an address and contact person service within Unicount.

Unicount’s new virtual office only service

But what if you already have an Estonian company, but still want a new virtual office provider in Estonia?

We get a lot of requests for this from e-residents. It’s often the case that e-residents want to change their registered office address and contact person when they no longer require accounting from their existing bundled service provider or simply because they want to save money on their virtual office bill.

Some e-residents sign up for accounting straight away, but then discover their trading volumes are low enough to not need monthly accounting and that they could benefit more from a leaner approach in their early stages. Monthly VAT reporting, for example, is only necessary after your company earns more than €40,000 of taxable income in a calendar year.

In addition, some e-residents choose to establish their company directly through the Estonian Business Register. Unicount is an incredibly user-friendly way of starting a company in 5 minutes and it has plenty of guidance in English, Estonian and Russian (including through live chat) as well as offering the tools and services needed to complete the process, such as the virtual office. However, Unicount’s online company formation service is suited to solo entrepreneurs with a limited company so companies with multiple founders or non-profit organisations should still use the Estonian Business Register directly. If that’s you, you’ll still need to subscribe to a virtual office service before you can register though.

For all these reasons, Unicount’s virtual office subscription is now available without having to start a new company via Unicount. We just launched it over the weekend, but it’s already proving popular with e-residents.

Unicount has now launched its virtual office only subscription service.

The total cost of a virtual office annual subscription through Unicount is €179, which includes the company address and contact person. Any mail sent to your company at this address will be scanned and forwarded to you electronically.

It’s important to note that your contact person is simply that in legal terms. It’s not to be confused with the requirement for a resident director or shareholder, which some other EU countries still demand. Your contact person here in Estonia will not have any powers to act on behalf of your company and they certainly won’t own any part of your company. We simply work for you.

Your contact person will be Unicount OÜ and your office address will be the same as ours in Tallinn. It’s inside the prestigious Tammsaare Business Centre, just above the Estonian Police and Border Guard service point on Tammsaare street that issues digital ID cards to people who want to collect them in person.

You will, of course, never have to visit your virtual office, but we know it can help reassure your company’s customers and other stakeholders if you have a credible address.

Your virtual office will be located at Tammsaare Business Centre in Tallinn.

Fun Fact: Tammsaare is Estonia’s greatest literary writer. His novel, Truth and Justice, is available for free in English here, courtesy of the National Library of Estonia.

Get started

Unicount is the simplest way to start a paperless EU company online – whether you are a citizen, resident or e-resident of Estonia.

If you already have an Estonian company, you can subscribe to a virtual office in Estonia at unicount.eu/virtual-office.

It takes about 5 minutes to start a company so it’s even less to get a virtual office subscription set up. We tested it and managed to do it in 2 minutes!

After that, you’ll need to update your company’s registered address and contact person in the Estonian Business Register. We put together a complete guide here in the Unicount FAQ: ‘How do I change my registered office address and contact person?’

And if you are setting up a new company but using the Estonian Business Register’s Company Registration Portal then you will still need an address and contact person before you can complete the process so we put together a guide here on how to do that while still using our virtual office subscription service: ‘How can I use Unicount address and contact person service when registering a company on my own?’

Finally, we would love to hear your feedback – either about the virtual office service or any other aspect of Unicount. Tell us how we can improve or what other features you would like in future. The easiest way is to open up a live chat on Unicount.eu.

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