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Company registration for Estonian e-residents

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Company registration in Estonia


Register a company in Estonia for 290 euros with VAT.
The VAT free state fee of 265 euros is included in our price. Terms of service apply.

Set up your Estonian electronic signature

All you need to register a company in Estonia is Estonian digital identity – your e-resident card or Smart-ID. You can use your valid card to create a Smart-ID account to avoid all card reader and browser plugin related issues.

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Unicount has built an awesome company formation web app that is connected to the Business Register API. After you have electronically signed your application, it is sent to the government for approval.

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Subscribe to the virtual office service

Our formation service is only available with the annual virtual office or contact person subscription. You can subscribe when doing the online company formation application.

How virtual office works?

What is included in the service?

After you have successfully submitted your company registration application, we pay the state fee of €265 on your behalf to get your company registered and also help you when you need to resubmit a rejected application.

How company formation works?

Frequently asked questions

What kind of company can I register with Unicount?

You can use the Unicount online company formation service to register an Estonian limited liability company (OÜ) with a single founder, shareholder and board member (being you).

Restrictions are related to the API service provided by Estonian Business Register to company formation agents such as Unicount.

If you need to register a company with multiple shareholders and board members please follow the advice here.

How can I register a company without Estonian digital identity?

If you do not have an Estonian digital identity card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID, you can register a company in Estonia by physically visiting a notary in Estonia. Here is the list of all Estonian notaries. All notaries charge the same amount of money for company formation as the prices are regulated.

If you cannot visit Estonia you have an alternative of preparing and certifying a power of attorney. It is a document that specifies who can represent you in Estonian notary and for what purpose. It will be a very detailed document to include your exact intention as a founder. If it is not in Estonian or English then probably it needs to be translated by a sworn translator in Estonia.

Unicount does not provide company registration service via power of attorney as we only work with online formations.

How long does it take to set up my company in Estonia?

This depends on whether you have Estonian digital identity already or not. Receiving the e-resident card takes 6-8 weeks in most cases.

Once you have collected the card from one of the pick up locations, registering a company in Estonia takes about 1-2 working days.

How can I pay for the company formation fee?

You can pay the company formation fee with Apple Pay, Google Pay, using your Mastercard, VISA, UnionPay or American Express card via Stripe or through Baltic bank links.

Follow this link to read more about available payment options.

After your company is registered, you can change your company card information for recurring annual virtual office payments.

Does Unicount support companies having physical activity such as selling goods?

Unicount permits all types of legal and moral activities as a company formation agent and virtual office service provider.

This includes Amazon FBA and other dropshipping businesses having tax registrations in other countries besides Estonia. We would not be able to provide accounting services to companies having tax reporting liabilities in other countries.

How can I register a company in Estonia with multiple shareholders?

Unicount online company formation service uses Estonian Business Register API that has a limitation of one physical person as a founder. This means that our online formation service is not suitable for everyone looking to set up a company in Estonia.

There is an alternative to register the company through the e-Business Register and use our virtual office service. Follow this link to learn how to register a multiple shareholder company.

How do I get virtual office subscription when registering a company in Estonia via Unicount API service?

Unicount only provides company formation service in bundle with virtual office subscription. You would pay your first annual subscription fee together with your company formation fees.

Please visit our virtual office page to sign up with your existing Estonian company when you are looking to switch your service provider or when registering a company via Unicount API service is not possible. This can happen for example if you have multiple e-resident shareholders or legal persons as founders.

Have more questions?

Check out our online company formation support articles for most frequently asked questions.

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