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Accounting in Estonia

Unicount provides online accounting service to its virtual office clients with annual accounts preparation and Estonian tax reporting

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Monthly accounting service

Starting from €99/month

The monthly accounting service minimum fee is 99 euros per month excluding VAT.

Terms of service apply.

Do I need a monthly accounting service?

An Estonian company must submit monthly VAT and payroll tax reports after registering for VAT and having first employees. It is best to have a professional accountant submitting your tax returns.

What is included in the minimum fee?

Unicount keeps your books organized and handles up to 15 documents per month. Unicount will give you access to a cloud software for submitting all your expense documents and creating sales invoices.

How is it billed?

The monthly accounting service is a recurring fee charged automatically in the beginning of a new calendar month together with additional service fees for the previous month if any.

Annual accounts

Starting from €199

Every Estonian company should submit their annual accounts by 30 June. This is legal requirement that cannot be ignored. 

Terms of service apply.

Do I need an accountant for annual accounts submission?

It is possible for e-residents to prepare annual accounts on your own if your company has been dormant and no sales revenue was generated during the previous financial year.

What is included in the service?

Unicount reconciles all your documents, prepares your profit & loss statement together with the balance sheet. Some extra reports may be needed to comply with the law.

How is it billed?

The annual accounts service is charged in advance through a card payment or a bank transfer after you accept the quote for the scope of work agreed.

Frequently asked questions

How do I subscribe to the accounting service?

You can subscribe to the monthly accounting service and order annual accounts service via Client Dashboard when you are Unicount virtual office service client with a valid saved payment method. You may also contact Unicount support to find out more or to check why you cannot order services from your Client Dashboard.

How does the monthly accounting service work?

You can read more in our article about the accounting service.

Can Unicount accountants register my company for VAT?

Yes, Unicount can register your company for VAT in Estonia for a fee. VAT registration requires monthly tax reporting based on your source documents.

Can Unicount accountants register my company for OSS or IOSS?

Yes, Unicount can register your company for OSS or IOSS for a fee. These registrations also require monthly tax reporting that Unicount does for a separate fee.

Can Unicount accountants register my company as an employer in Estonia?

Unicount cannot register your company as an employer in Estonia as there is no such registration and no employer identification numbers (EIN) are issued in Estonia. Unicount can submit your monthly payroll and dividend information with social and income tax declaration based on your source documents

What is the software Unicount uses for expense management and invoicing?

Unicount uses Envoice software for expense management and invoicing. The software subscription is included in the monthly service fee.

Can I get a accounting and tax related consultation if I am not a Unicount virtual office service client yet?

Yes, Unicount can issue you a prepayment invoice and set up a call or answer your questions in writing.

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