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Estonian e-Residency in a nutshell

E-Residency is a secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government to a person who is not an Estonian citizen and has no residence in Estonia. This is the first such project in the world, which gives access to a country and its services online.

Your Estonian digital identity comes in the physical form of smart card with a chip that you get after your identity and compliance has been confirmed by the government agencies.

We have written this article to have everything you need to know about e-residency in a two minute read.

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Articles of association for Estonian OÜ

All Estonian limited companies (OÜ) registered via the Unicount online company formation service have the same standard articles of association.

This is the official translation of the model articles provided by the Estonian Business Register for expediated limited company formation. You would have very similar articles when your company was registered via Business Register online service.

Unicount explains each article briefly so you are aware of possible limitations and required procedures.

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Register a company online in five minutes

Unicount enables Estonian e-residents to establish a company in the EU from anywhere in the world without the need to travel. Follow the instructions in this article to register a company online in five minutes or less.

If you are not yet an Estonian e-resident, learn how to become an e-resident so you can register your company online via the Unicount web app. The app can be used to register a sole owner (private person) and sole director companies in Estonia.

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