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e-Residency digital ID

Four additional places of issuing e-Residency digital IDs

Last year, the Ministry of the interior, the Police and Border Guard Board and BLS International Services Limited signed an agreement to increase the accessibility of the e-Residency programme in different parts of the world. As of today, digital e-Residency IDs will also be issued in Johannesburg, Singapore, São Paulo and Bangkok. In addition to issue points operated by BLS, e-residency digitaal ID cards are also issued at Estonian foreign missions. Digital IDs can currently be picked up at 50 issue points across the world and future plans include expansion to another fifteen destinations.

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Adam Rang

How to start your own business?

You can start a company in Estonia within minutes, but when does it make sense to register a business and how to make all the right steps? Adam Rang, the Communications Director at Unicount, a top company formation agent in Estonia, shares recommendations on this topic.
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banking estonia

The ultimate guide to banking for Estonian e-residents

Our friends at Nomad Gate have written an article that will give you a brief overview of the history of Estonian banking, as well as a list of recommended banks and fintech you for your Estonian company and what it takes to open accounts with them. It is a must read before registering a company in Estonia through e-Residency. Read more

Attracting investments and exercising of share options has been simplified

The amendments to the Estonian Commercial Code that entered into force on the 1st of August 2020 simplified the attraction of investments and granting of share options, which makes Estonia more attractive to foreign investors and solves several problems that arose in practice.
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How to submit your Estonian company’s annual report (without an accountant)

Every Estonian company has to submit an annual report to the Estonian Business Register. This document is an overview of your company’s finances and activities in its previous financial year. All citizens, residents, and e-residents of Estonia that own companies are subject to the same rules, although the reports are simplified for micro and small enterprises.

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Top things to do after you register Estonian company

You can register Estonian company with Unicount in five minutes. Once you receive your company registration notification, here are the first steps you’ll probably want to take with your new company.

First of all download your registration certificate and shareholders data in English. These documents are often useful, especially when applying for banking, payment providers, or other services. Downloading them is free and takes just a minute or two.

For the registration certificate, go to the Estonian Business Register here, search for your company then select “Registry card”. This takes you to the registry card view where you can download machine translated English version as a PDF.

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osakapitali sissemakse

How to register share capital for your Estonian company

Estonian companies require a minimum share capital of €2500. This is an investment in your company that can then be spent on developing your business. It also helps preserve trust in Estonia’s business environment, which benefits all Estonian limited company owners.

However, Estonia also has a clever system that allows you to postpone this investment for as long as you like. The only catch is that your company can’t pay out dividends until your share capital has been registered, but you can start trading and even pay out salaries before then.
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Does e-Residency work? Here’s what the data shows

Estonia’s e-Residency programme has generated heaps of positive headlines around the world and been the buzzword among entrepreneurs in coworking spaces on every continent. But does e-Residency actually work?

That’s a question we see a lot online. E-Residency makes it easy to start and manage a company online, but some have heard about problems accessing banking, some are confused about tax implications, and others just wonder if maybe e-Residency is all a bit overhyped. 

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How do I register a ‘beneficial owner’ of my Estonian company?

Estonia has one of the world’s most transparent business environments. This helps ensure Estonian companies can be trusted worldwide, even though they can be run entirely online from anywhere by Estonians and e-residents.

A key part of this transparency is ensuring it’s clear who controls each and every company. As an Estonian company director, you are legally obliged to declare the persons benefiting from your company’s activities, the so-called ‘beneficial owners’. This must be done by everyone after starting a company through Unicount, as well as updated within 30 days whenever there is a change to your company’s beneficial owners.

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