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Unicount now also works in French and Turkish

Starting from February 2022 Unicount supports French and Turkish language. Unicount is the first e-Residency service provider enabling Business Register API powered online company formation in multiple languages and is continuing to add major languages of the world. E-residents and residents of Estonia can now register a company and manage their virtual office subscriptions in English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and Estonian.

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How I became an Estonian e-resident?

Conducting business online is not easy for everyone, depending on the country they live in. Furthermore, establishing an online company is difficult for people living in countries that have lots of bureaucracy and red tape. I consider myself facing this dilemma. As a business school graduate translator from Turkey, conducting my own translation and marketing services business was a distant dream considering the number of hurdles I faced to save my business plans.
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Estonian company registration fee

Estonian company registration fee to increase in 2022

The state fee for starting a company and making any amendments to company details in the Estonian Business Register is going to rise from 1 January 2022, based on the new State Fees Act passed by the Estonian Parliament on 22 November 2021. This is contrary to our own recommendations to instead reduce the state fees for e-services, including the online formation of an Estonian limited company. The fees do remain relatively low by international standards but we just want to give a quick overview of the changes.

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osakapitali sissemakse

OSS and IOSS in a nutshell for Estonian companies

Starting from 1 July 2021, cross-border e-commerce and services to consumers will be taxed in a new way in the European Union. In this article, we examine what the new regime will bring to Estonian companies working with Amazon FBA and independent e-shops selling to consumers in multiple EU countries.

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Estonian company

10 useful things to know after you register an Estonian company

Starting an Estonian company online has never been easier. At Unicount, we’ve reduced it to a simple three-minute task. While working with Estonian company founders over the past two years, we’ve noticed the same questions come up a lot immediately after their Estonian company is registered.
So we put together this list of ten of the most useful things to know.
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e-Residency digital ID

Four additional places of issuing e-Residency digital IDs

Last year, the Ministry of the interior, the Police and Border Guard Board and BLS International Services Limited signed an agreement to increase the accessibility of the e-Residency programme in different parts of the world. As of today, digital e-Residency IDs will also be issued in Johannesburg, Singapore, São Paulo and Bangkok. In addition to issue points operated by BLS, e-residency digitaal ID cards are also issued at Estonian foreign missions. Digital IDs can currently be picked up at 50 issue points across the world and future plans include expansion to another fifteen destinations.

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private limited company, Adam Rang

How to start your own business?

When does it make sense to establish a private limited company and how to make all the right steps? Adam Rang, the Communications Director at Unicount, a top company formation agent in Estonia, shares recommendations on this topic.
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banking estonia

The ultimate guide to banking for Estonian e-residents

Our friends at Nomad Gate have written an article that will give you a brief overview of the history of Estonian banking, as well as a list of recommended banks and fintech you for your Estonian company and what it takes to open accounts with them. It is a must read before registering a company in Estonia through e-Residency. Read more

Attracting investments and exercising of share options has been simplified

The amendments to the Estonian Commercial Code that entered into force on the 1st of August 2020 simplified the attraction of investments and exercising share options, which makes Estonia more attractive to foreign investors and solves several problems that arose in practice.
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