Unicount now also works in French and Turkish

Adam Rang, Communication director

Starting from February 2022 Unicount supports French and Turkish language. Unicount is the first e-Residency service provider enabling Business Register API powered online company formation in multiple languages and is continuing to add major languages of the world. E-residents and residents of Estonia can now register a company and manage their virtual office subscriptions in English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and Estonian.

Born global

Ivar Veskioja, Managing Director of Unicount, says that enabling easy online Estonian company formation in the major languages of the world has been on the sight since Unicount was first launched in 2019. “We successfully launched three languages already 3 years ago. The current Business Register API version does not have multi-language support yet, so some API messages we just translate by forcing Google Translate. We have been working with Business Register to improve the API service throughout the years.”

What next?

“We currently have plans to localize website to Spanish and German, but who knows where we end up. Maybe Mandarin and Korean also needs to be added as the Asian business people discover Estonian digital ecosystem”. Ivar also notes that enabling easy online Estonian company formation would one day be possible with other European digital identities. “We see e-Residency card as one of the triggers that created the ecosystem and the drive here to serve global entrepreneurs online, but there will be other keys to enter the Estonian digital ecosystem. We believe that the eIDAS framework for cross-recognizition of digital identities issued to the EU residents enables us to take the next step in-cooperation with the Business Register API already this year”.


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