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Company formation in Estonia

Unicount enables you to register a company in Estonia through your digital identity. Use your e-resident card or create a Smart-ID to log in and sign the company formation application.

Company formation


Register a company online for 225 euros with no VAT added.
The state fee of 190 euros is included in our price. Terms of service apply.

Set up your Estonian electronic signature

All you need to start a company online is Estonian digital identity – your e-resident card or Smart-ID. You can create a Smart-ID to avoid ID-card reader or browser plugin issues.

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File an electronic application

Unicount has built an awesome company formation app that is connected to the Business Register API. After you have electronically signed your application, it is sent to the government for approval.

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Subscribe to virtual office and contact person service

In order to register a company you need a virtual office address and a contact person in Estonia. Unicount provides these services as a package to make your life easier.

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What is included in the service?

After you have successfully submitted your company formation application, we pay the state fee of €190 on your behalf to get your company registered and also help you when you need to resubmit a rejected application.

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